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Best Sellers

  • TOP SELLINGDIY Refurb - Sealant Remover Wipes, ,

    Sealant Remover Wipes

    £12.30 Add to basket
  • TOP SELLINGDIY Refurb - Roof & Drive Cleaner,

    Roof & Drive Cleaner (Concentrate)

    £22.20 Add to basket
  • TOP SELLINGBiokil Renovating Render,

    Renovating Render

    £24.00 Add to basket
  • TOP SELLINGBiokil Crown Mould Eradication Additive,

    Mould Eradication Additive

    £5.52 Add to basket
  • TOP SELLINGJohn Newton Multi Plugs,

    Newton MultiPlugs

    £46.74 Add to basket
  • TOP SELLINGLimelite Renovating PLaster,

    Limelite Renovating Plaster

    £26.40 Add to basket


    £21.60 Add to basket
  • TOP SELLINGAquadry Biocidal Cleanser Concentrate,

    Biocidal Cleanser Concentrate

    £45.60 Add to basket
  • TOP SELLINGAquadry,


    £178.80 Add to basket
  • TOP SELLINGDIY Refurb Trade Emulsion,

    Trade Emulsion

    £19.86 Select options
  • TOP SELLINGBiokil Crown Sanitary Silicone Sealant,

    Sanitary Silicone Sealant

    £3.00 Select options
  • TOP SELLINGDIY Refurb Rendermix,


    £14.40£42.00 Select options
  • TOP SELLINGAdhesives Sikaflex EBT, ,

    Sikaflex EBT+

    £6.20£6.40 Select options
  • TOP SELLINGJohn Newton 803 Newtonite meshed,

    Newton 803 Newtonite (meshed)

    £120.00£237.60 Select options
  • TOP SELLINGDIYRefurb Floor Paint,

    Floor Paint

    £16.94 Select options
  • TOP SELLINGBower Beams,

    Bower Beams

    £18.00£42.00 Select options
  • TOP SELLINGEvo-Stik Sticks Like Sh All Weather Adhesive White,

    Sticks Like Sh All Weather Adhesive

    £4.62£5.16 Select options
  • TOP SELLINGJohn Newton Overtape,

    Newton Overtape

    £36.00£45.60 Select options

    Boracol 10

    £40.80£126.00 Select options
  • TOP SELLINGEverbuild Evercryl One Coat,

    Evercryl One Coat

    £34.80£40.80 Select options

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This is the second time we have used this company and on both occasions they were efficient and professional. I would definitely recommend them.

Linda, London


Very quick delivery, competitive prices and great communications, I was kept up to date with every stage of my order. Thank you.

Jim, Manchester


Product (solar paint) at reasonable price, fast delivery, would recommend.

Gary, Cumbria

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