Cementitious & Epoxy Tanking

Cementitious & Epoxy Tanking

The complete range of cementitious tanking products including BBA Approved materials, from major manufacturers including Mapei and Sika, plus other suppliers such as Biokil Crown. Epoxy Tanking systems are also covered.

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  • DIY Refurb - Antisulphate


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  • DIY Refurb - Epoxy Bonding Sealer

    Epoxy Bonding Sealer

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  • DIYRefurb Epoxy Tanking

    Epoxy Tanking

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  • Mapei Fibreglass Mesh

    Fibreglass Mesh

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  • Mapei Idrosilex Pronto

    Idrosilex Pronto

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  • Mapei Lamposilex

    Lamposilex (Waterplug)

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  • Mapei Mapefer 1K

    Mapefer 1K

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  • Mapei Mapegrout Fast-Set

    Mapegrout Fast-Set

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  • Mapei Mapelastic


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  • DIY Refurb - Tanking Brush

    Tanking Brush

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  • DIY Refurb - Tanking Slurry

    Tanking Slurry

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