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Sovereign Chemicals

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Sovereign Chemicals

Sovereign Chemicals is a leading brand of high-quality building products, offering a comprehensive range of solutions for construction, renovation, and maintenance projects. 

Solutions for Damp-Proofing

With the help of Sovereign Chemicals' wide selection of damp-proofing options, you can shield your property from the damaging effects of moisture. Sovereign Chemicals provide a range of goods to meet your unique needs, from water repellents and surface treatments to damp-proof membranes and tanking systems. Our knowledgeable team can offer suggestions and direction on choosing the best option for your project, guaranteeing long-lasting defence against dampness and moisture ingress.

Timber Preservation and Treatment

With Sovereign Chemicals' selection of timber treatment and preservation goods, you can protect your wooden structures from rot, decay, and insect assault. To guarantee the durability and integrity of your wood, we provide premium wood preservatives, fungicides, and insecticides. You can safeguard new timber installations or revive ageing structures with the help of our extensive selection of treatments, which are suitable for both preventative and curative applications.

Controlling Condensation And Mould

With Sovereign Chemicals' cutting-edge condensation and mould control solutions, you can prevent condensation and mould development in your property. Our product line includes anti-mould paints, mould wash concentrates, and moisture-absorbing granules, all of which are made to address condensation and mould issues in an efficient manner. With our tried-and-true products, you can stop unsightly mould development and safeguard your home from the associated health risks.

Structural Stabilisation And Repair

With our selection of structural repair and stabilisation products, you can guarantee the structural integrity of your repairs. To address a variety of structural problems, such as cracking, movement, and instability, we provide bonding agents, crack injection systems, and reinforcement systems. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in making the best product choice for your undertaking, giving you piece of mind and enduring structural support.

Tanking and Waterproofing

With our wide selection of waterproofing and tanking solutions, you can protect your home from water infiltration. For a variety of uses, including basements, cellars, and swimming pools, we offer liquid-applied waterproofing membranes, cementitious tanking systems, and specialty waterproofing products. Count on our extensive expertise to guide you in choosing the best waterproofing option for your requirements.

Sealants and Adhesives

With our high-performance adhesives and sealants, you can protect your products. Our product selection includes items ideal for DIY, construction, and glazing projects, among other uses. To guarantee a solid, long-lasting connection for your project, choose from a variety of formulations, including silicone sealants, MS polymers, and contact adhesives.

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