Water Repellents

Water Repellents

Long term protection against penetrating damp from our wide range of quality
products, including Aquadry cream, solvent water repellent and water-based water repellent.

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  • Everbuild 202 Integral Waterproofer

    202 Integral Waterproofer

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  • Everbuild 206 Strike Release Oil

    206 Strike Release Oil

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  • TOP SELLINGAquadry,


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  • Aquadry Repointing Additive No1,

    Aquadry Repointing Additive No.1

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  • Aquadry Repointing Additive No.2,

    Aquadry Repointing Additive No.2

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  • Bostik Bituproof Emulsion,

    Bituproof Emulsion

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  • Biokil Crown Breathable Masonry Paint

    Breathable Masonry Paint

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  • Double Strength Concentrated Water Repellent

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  • Safeguard Drybase


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  • Safeguard Dryshield Cream

    Dryshield Cream

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  • Mapei Mapelastic Foundation

    Mapelastic Foundation

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  • Mapei Mapelastic Smart

    Mapelastic Smart

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  • Mapei Mapelastic Turbo

    Mapelastic Turbo

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  • DIY Refurb Silicone High Strength Water Repellent

    Silicone High-Strength Water Repellent (Alkali-Resistant)

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  • Single/Double Strength Water Repellent – Silicone Based

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  • Biokil Crown Stabilising Solution

    Stabilising Solution

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  • Water Repellent

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