Timber Preservation

Timber Preservation

A range of specialist products to protect against insect infestation, Dry Rot and Wet Rot in timbers and Dry Rot in masonry. Plus oils, varnishes, primers, etc.

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  • Biokil Crown Aluminium Wood Primer

    Aluminium Wood Primer

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  • Everbuild Boiled Linseed Oil

    Boiled Linseed Oil

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  • TOP SELLINGBoracol 10RH,

    Boracol 10RH

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  • Biokil Crown Boracol 40 Paste

    Boracol 40 Paste

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  • Boron Timber Rods

    Boron Timber Rods

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  • TOP SELLINGBower Beams,

    Bower Beams

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  • Everbuild Clear Varnish

    Clear Varnish

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  • Kingfisher Decking Oil Superior

    Decking Oil Superior

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  • Biokil Ecobor 2 Boron Brushable Gel

    Ecobor 2 (Boron Brushable Gel)

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  • Everbuild Danish Oil

    Hardwood Furniture Oil

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  • Kingfisher K-X10 Woodstain


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  • Kingfisher Linseed Oil

    Linseed Oil

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  • Everbuild Raw Linseed Oil

    RAW Linseed Oil

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  • Everbuild Teak Oil

    Teak Oil

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  • Everbuild Triple Action Wood Treatment

    Triple Action Wood Treatment

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  • Everbuild Wood Preserver

    Wood Preserver

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