We offer a wide selection of expanding foams for the trade, suitable for a range of applications from filling irregular gaps to providing several specialist products with acoustic and fire-resistant properties.

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  • Everbuild Firefoam B2 Gun Grade

    Firefoam B2 Gun Grade

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  • Everbuild Firefoam B2 Handheld

    Firefoam B2 Handheld

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  • Siroflex Heavy Duty Foam Applicator

    Heavy Duty Foam Applicator

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  • Everbuild No Waste Expanding Foam

    No Waste Expanding Foam

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  • Soudal Soudafoam 1k B3

    Soudafoam 1K B3

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  • Soudal Soudafoam Gun B3

    Soudafoam Gun B3

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  • Siroflex SX PU Foam Cleaner

    SX PU Foam Cleaner

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