Building Chemicals

Building Chemicals

Our high-quality building chemicals cover a wide variety of uses and applications, along with more specialist products that contain waterproofing and frost proof properties.

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  • DIYRefurb Admix Mortar Plasticiser

    Admix (Mortar Plasticiser)

    £3.24£11.52 Select options
  • DIYRefurb Antifreeze Rapid Setter

    Antifreeze Rapid Setter

    £18.00£45.60 Select options
  • DIYRefurb Brick Cleaner

    Brick Cleaner

    £9.36£35.40 Select options
  • Cromar Cromaprufe


    £13.80£46.80 Select options
  • DIYRefurb Waterproofer

    DIY Refurb Waterproofer

    £3.84£12.60 Select options
  • DIYRefurb Dustproofer Hardener

    Dustproofer Hardener

    £7.80£34.80 Select options
  • Bostik Freeflo


    £10.68£42.00 Select options
  • Everbuild Kos Fire Cement


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  • Kingfisher Pointing Solution

    Pointing Solution

    £27.00£106.80 Select options
  • DIY Refurb Powdered Mortar Plasticiser

    Powdered Mortar Plasticiser

    £52.80£79.20 Select options
  • Biokil Crown Premium M+

    Premium M+

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  • Biokil Crown Premium P

    Premium P+

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